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Memorable Birthday Wishes For Someone Special

Birthday wishes are emotional, memorable sayings which are connected with birthdays and can be used to express heartfelt feelings of love and appreciations. Learn how to get the right and fitting happy birthday wishes which will just suit the occasion any time you want.

Why You Need Birthday Wishes

Quotes have been from time immemorial, and they can go a long way to really make the birthday celebrant to really cherish the joy of seeing the day. Right words, rightly delivered can do real wonders in the hearts and emotions of people. It can change the mood and the general feelings and open their eyes to a reality which they would not have otherwise seen. This is what you can do with the right birth-day quotes.

You also need birthday wishes when you are attending a birthday party. There is at least one celebrant to be found there :) However, in rare occasions, you may need birthday wishes even if you are organizing a party. Not your own, of course, but it may be the party of your son or daughter, or even younger brother or sister. For them, you need also to prepare some nice birthday wishes. If you need a short guide on how to organize those parties, check this out.

Whatever gifts you send to your loved ones during their birthday, you need to include the right quotes which will add more feelings to the gifts, make it more valuable and more appreciated.

You Can Put Wishes On Birthday Cards

You can have a birthday card customized for you and put the right quotes that you feel the celebrant will love on it and then send it to him or her. Some cards website will include suggestions of what you can add or they may just give you an already-made card printed with the right quotes which you can just use.

But it is better you think over what you and consider its suitability, go over many options and pick the best, or better still choose your own if you can.

Your wishes need not be highly sensational or even highly emotional, it need not be flattery or insincere words, but just simple and straight from the heart words that you know can draw feelings from the celebrant, based on what you know about him.

How To Get Fresh Birthday Wishes

If you cannot come up with any birthday quotes on your own get them from relevant websites on the internet, and use them or adapt them to suit your purpose. Birth-day quotes are powerful, take for example, this quotes by Jean Paul Richter "Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time". This can make someone to be sober, and to focus more on things that are important in ife.

Just think of the right feeling you want to generate or the message you want to pass across and go for the word in that line. Particularly, if there is a quality you want to instill into the life of the celebrant. Bring it up again on his birth day by way of birthday quotes, you never can tell it may work this time.

You can just get any quote depending on the message you want to pass on to the celebrant and wrap it in a birthday toga and deliver your message. The secret is, someone who will not hear you ordinarily will readily hear because you have packaged your message with a new color of life, emotion and joy.

  1. God has bestowed one year more to defeat all the challenges, just keep on working hard. Thank God to give one year more to live.
  2. You have to become a big man so make mind and struggle hard for future on this beautiful event of birthday.
  3. This day is not a common day as it brought you with itself, I wish earth feel proud of you for your presence on it. Happy Birthday.
  4. Say welcome to New Year of life and make wishes from God so that your coming years also be fulfilled with happiness and love. Happy Birthday to You.
  5. May you get so much love and prayers that you could not handle them and your life be a sign of happiness and harmony. Happy Birthday to You.
  6. You are now older one year more and our prayers are following you, let see how long you will make this world proud of you. Happy Birthday!
  7. You are my love, my heart was out of control to see you on this morning and to say happy birthday.

  8. You are feeling great happiness for birthday celebration and I am happy to see you happy.

  9. This day is especially for you, you are a person to wish, to love and to celebrate with. Happy Birthday

  10. In this vast world I only feel happiness when you are with me; I wish you live a superb life. Happy Birthday.

  11. You make my life as beautiful as the flowers to the garden. You are my true love. May you have a long life!

  12. Your parents are so lucky to have a child like you. Whenever I gaze at you I feel that you are the only person to whom I can spend my all life.

  13. To me you are the whole world of mine I just can’t live without you.

  14. My pure love and my whole life are just for you and I am giving it to you as your birthday present.

  15. Today my beautiful butterfly was born, who filled my life with colors and happiness. I am talking about you my sweetheart.

  16. Your birthday makes me realize that if you were not born then I will be alone today because nobody can be just like you.

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