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Birthday Traditions: Knowing The Origins

Birthday traditions are old customs around which many birthday symbols, event and celebrations are centered today. This article reviews some of these traditions, particularly traditional symbols that are still in vogue today.

Birthday traditions, though have long history and different from country to country are still very much around today. They have been modernized many times to suite different generations, tribes and culture, but they can still easily be traced to their source .

Many of the symbols that we associate with birthday today had their roots in events and believe that dated back to hundreds of years. Some of them like birthday cake dated back to when the Greek used to take round cake to the temple of Artemis the goddess of the moon, The round shape represent the full moon. Though some other legend says that it started with the Germans.

Candle on cake is also tied with the Greek's cake taken to the temple of Artemis, the light from the candle represent a glowing moon. some believe that the smoke from the candle's fires would take their wishes up to heaven.

That is still linked with what we do today, Birthday celebrants make silent wishes as they blow out their candle believing that blowing it out like that once will bring good luck.

Birthday Parties were first held to ward off evil spirit away from the celebrant, that is why they were surrounded by their families and loved ones. Later parties became gathering where gifts were given to celebrants by their parents and family members and friends.

Different countries have their own unique customs which metamorphoses into their recognized birthday traditions, although many of these traditions are centered around religious ceremonies or themes.

From Argentina to Quebec , Africa to Russia you will find various variations in believes and celebration of birthday which makes birthday to be unique and fun for each of them, but what they all have in common are:

  • General air of celebration and joy
  • Giving gifts to the birthday celebrants
  • Marking the birthday of the celebrant.
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